Every business must have their own brand to help set them apart from competitors. Branding is about creating a name, symbol or design that helps to identify your company or product to potential customers. People recognize a strong brand. Think about some big box brands such as Coke or Pepsi, you recognize them by their logo, colors and message. Having the proper brand will help customers to recognize your company and/or service.

Corporate Identity

Developing a corporate identity is a complex process. Many factors are taken into account such as colors, designs, logos, and text, that will best tell your story and connect your business with your customers. Edmiston Group’s team of experts will guide you through the branding process, developing your corporate identity; from strategy, design, creation and implementation into all aspects of your marketing efforts.

Our Process:

  1. Product/company research
  2. Development, initial design and color selection
  3. Revisions and adjustments
  4. Finalizations and Implementation plan for new Corporate Identity with branding guide.

Branding Services include:

  • Logo Design: We’ll either start from scratch or enhance your current logo to represent your company. We will work with you to develop the logo most fitting to your company’s professional image and give you options to choose from.
  • Branding Guide: As a company it’s important that you maintain a level of consistency. Everything you utilize in marketing your company should have a consistent look. From business cards, letterhead, marketing collateral, vehicle signage and outdoor signage, consistency with fonts, spacing, and identification of your logo is key for brand recognition. The consistent branding is important to show the public, clients and even employees a level of stability and standardization in company representation. The more times people see your brand, they more likely will remember your company when it’s time to buy.
  • Stationary Package: includes letterhead, business card design and envelopes that incorporate the new brand. Letterhead design: Everything that you print from invoices, to orders, even hand written letters, involve letterhead. It is an important part of maintaining your corporate identity.
  • Business card design: First impressions are key. Your business card is the lasting impression that you give away with your company information on it. Your business card should be well organized, easy to read and contain your necessary contact information. It is often the first point of contact to your company for potential clients and you want to be sure looks professional.

Logo Design

Your logo is the name and the face of the company. It is the first thing that people will associate with your company. Because it represents your business, a well-designed logo will leave a lasting impression

Experience…. Our team brings a depth of experience and creativity that we will use to design a custom logo, or improve upon your current logo to best fit your company.

Our process:

  • Research and planning ensures that your logo represents the image of your company.
  • Create a design that not only fits the current design trends but also is elegant and strong.
  • Develop an associated tagline. You want your customers to be able to look at your logo and associate it with your tagline.

Design and color. We incorporate your design with your company’s color palette or will offer new options for an updated company brand.


With a new logo design comes new signage. Edmiston Group prides itself on being able to not only produce industry leading logos but also creates the graphics on all the signage needed to represent your brand to the public, revealing the NEW YOU. Edmiston Group has the signage solutions for you from enhancing the look of your office or storefront to designing the graphics for wrapping your vehicle.

Our signage design services includes but is not limited to:

  • Window Decals
  • Retractable Banners
  • Outdoor Signage Design
  • Vehicle Wrap Design
  • Floor Stands

We have relationships with a variety of vendors to ensure your brand is carried across all channels in a consistent manner.

Video Productions

Video sells. Video production, unlike print, allows you to verbally and visually tell your company’s story. Video production gives you the ability to use text, voice, motivational music, and images, to grasp the attention of your audience. Video is more dynamic and can be used on websites, social media channels, electronic newsletters, as well as at tradeshows.

Edmiston Group team will ensure you a seamless video that represents your company in the most professional manner. As a strategic creative marketing agency, we write, produce, direct and edit commercials for clients and organizations.

Video productions can be used for:

  • Website Content
  • Product Launches
  • Investor Presentations
  • Safety Training Videos
  • Display Videos For Trade Shows
  • Speaker Support Videos
  • Marketing Presentation Videos

How we do it!

  1. We start with the strategy – the usage and purpose of the video
  2. A site visit occurs to determine the location and casting of the video
  3. A determination of professional voice-overs or personal staff interaction is made.
  4. A storyboard is created and instructions for site preparation is given to the client.
  5. The video is shot
  6. Rough cut editing
  7. Post production review of rough cut
  8. Create final copy and distribution

With the utilization of video production, Edmiston Group will bring your company to life, giving your company a voice and a vision. We handle the entire process from start to finish