Being on the cutting edge of technology requires constant change. Not only do you need to know where your current customers are, but you also need to look ahead to where a new generation of customers may be. What is popular today will not necessarily be so tomorrow. Edmiston Group, keeps its team on the cutting edge, staying up to date on digital trends. Our web developers create functional, intuitive websites that are mobile responsive. Our writers focus on keeping your followers and potential customers up to date on company happenings through blogging and social media execution.


One of the first steps that new customers take when searching for a service or product is to look at their website. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a website that that is informative, easy to navigate and represents your company in a professional manner.

Edmiston Group’s website service begins with a strategy and a plan. We also have the ability to maintain your website by enhancing it as your company changes and grows. Or, we can give our clients the tools and instruction on how to update their own websites.

Steps to building a website:

  • Brainstorming and identifying what a client’s needs and wants are for a website. We look at things such as: online sales, regular blogging or new product updates.
  • A sitemap is created.
  • Content will then be written by our team of professional writers. We take into account SEO phrases and keyword searches in our planning. The content will be sent to you for editing and approval before it is incorporated into the website.
  • After the content is approved Edmiston Group incorporates the photo selection process into your website and makes any final adjustments before we are set to go live.

Digital Newsletters

How do you reach your customers? In today’s fast moving world, a digital newsletter allows you to reach your customers through their inbox. Content is king and a digital newsletter lets your customers stay up to date with specific topics as they relate to your business.

Edmiston Group can produce a turn-key digital newsletter on your behalf. Blogs are created on various topics as they relate to your business. These materials can also be housed on your website and shared through social media allowing the same information to be disseminated across a myriad of digital channels.

Social Media

Are you keeping up with the changing times? It has become the norm for companies to advertise on many social media platforms. Edmiston Group will help you to set up, maintain, and post to your pages to keep your followers engaged.