Public Relations

Through our relationships with various media outlets, Edmiston Group has had a number of feature articles published about our clients. With the use of press releases and media pitches to targeted reporters we help promote our clients to a broader audience.

Press Release

The goal of a press release is to engage the reader and cause them to take action. Our team of writers at Edmiston Group create a press releases and use this outlet to keep the public informed as to new things that are happening within our client’s company, or changes in the industry as a whole. This helps to establish our clients as experts in their fields.


Blogging serves a number of purposes. We use blogs to post on social media channels, as well as in digital newsletters with hyperlinks linking to a client’s website. This process prevents a website from becoming static and helps to improve a website’s SEO. Edmiston Group uses these methods to provide relevant company information to current newsletter subscribers, reach potential new followers and to increase website, as well as social media traffic.


Every company uses advertising in one form or another to help promote their business. Are you targeting the right publications? Do your ads contain strong calls to action? An advertising strategy allows us to measure the effectiveness of your advertising investment and media plan.