Strategic Planning

How strong is your strategic growth plan? Edmiston Group will help you define goals and reach milestones in order to achieve business growth. Part of being successful is knowing where you want to go and how to get there. We help business owners clarify their vision and make success part of their everyday vocabulary. We realize that every person measures success differently; some in monetary value, others in achievement basis. Edmiston Group will help you achieve these goals through networking, marketing and most importantly STRATEGIC PLANNING.

Growth and Expansion

Is it time to grow your staff, or maybe move to a bigger facility? We understand how overwhelming this can feel. Edmiston Group will guide you throughout the process of growing your company with our team’s expertise. With a proven process, we will make sure that your growth leads to success.

  1. Analyze current business income/expenses to determine if expansion or growth is financially possible.
  2. Develop a business plan for the growth including how you will financially cover the growth or expansion.
  3. Set a time frame in which you wish to see a return on the cost of your growth/expansion.
  4. Implement the business plan allowing for growth or expansion in a step by step process.
  5. Evaluate growth/expansion and determine level of success.

Trade Show Identification To Reach New Markets

As you increase your facetime at trade shows, Edmiston Group will ensure that you and your company stand out from your competitors. By building a trade show process, business owners are consistently reaching new targeted audiences and potential customers.

Whether it is your first trade show or you’re a seasoned veteran, Edmiston Group can teach you and your staff the rules of engagement to attract trade show participants. We will ensure your booth looks professional with up to date banners and brochures. Our team will coach you on how to engage in conversation that will leave a good impression with attendees long after the show ends. From your elevator pitch to developing a warm lead, Edmiston Group’s coaching will teach you how to leave a lasting impression.

Post Show Follow-up – What happens to all those potential leads when you leave a show? Do they go in a desk drawer, or within 5 days – do you take some type of action? We’ll show you how to keep interested attendees engaged that will ultimately help to measure your ROI.

Business Coaching

With our team of EXPERTS and referral partners, Edmiston Group will help you to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Years of experience in varied backgrounds have allowed us to help companies from various industries grow their client and customer lists, open multiple locations, advertise with specific calls to action and attend new trade shows.

With a vast network of resources and contacts, Edmiston Group makes those introductions to help clients generate business and or develop cross promotion programs with complementing businesses. We encourage business to business interaction as it benefits both parties involved.