Our Services

We shape your vision through Brand & Design, construct your digital presence via Website and Social, propel growth through Marketing & Strategy, and captivate your audience with Video & Content.


Do your customers know your brand?

Streamline your brand and identity with Edmiston Group’s branding services:

Branding Services

  • Logo Design: Develop a distinctive logo to enhance your professional image.
  • Branding Guide: Ensure consistency across marketing materials for brand recognition.
  • Stationary Package: Craft cohesive letterhead, business cards, and envelopes.

Logo Design Expertise

  • Comprehensive research and planning for a logo that mirrors your company’s image.
  • Tagline development for instant brand association.
  • Incorporating design trends and a suitable color palette.

Signage Solutions

  • Window Decals, Retractable Banners, Outdoor Signage, and Vehicle Wrap Design.
  • Ensure your brand is consistently represented across all channels.

Video Productions

  • Craft compelling videos for website content, product launches, and more.
  • Strategic planning, site visits, professional voice-overs, and post-production expertise.

The Edmiston Group manages the entire process to give your company a consistent presence in print and on the web, a voice and vision.


Spark creative thinking to fuel the growth of your business!

Marketing is vital for business growth and survival. Edmiston Group creates targeted marketing strategies, reaching audiences through defined verticals and identifying potential new markets. We introduce fresh strategies to achieve a new level of success in your business. Uncover innovative solutions that set your business apart from the competition. Challenge conventional thinking and break through barriers with original ideas.

Marketing Collateral:

  • Development of essential media supporting product or service sales.
  • Edmiston Group crafts compelling collateral with consistent messaging and calls to action.

Tradeshow Toolbox:

  • Expertly design booth materials, from displays to banners and giveaways
  • Generate pre-tradeshow buzz
  • Execute post-show follow-up.

Event Execution:

  • Host impactful events with Edmiston Group’s support in planning, advertising, and material design.

Business Launch/Grand Opening:

  • Targeted marketing for launches and openings.
  • Proven processes to attract attention, increase foot traffic, and ensure post-event follow-up.

With our team of experts, the Edmiston Group will design, develop, and execute unique and successful marketing initiatives for your business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Vision, Tactical Execution

Edmiston Group enhances your strategic growth plan by defining goals and achieving business milestones through networking, marketing, and strategic planning.

Growth and Expansion:

  • Analyze current finances for expansion feasibility.
  • Develop a growth business plan with a clear financial strategy.
  • Set a timeframe for return on investment.
  • Implement a step-by-step process for growth.
  • Evaluate success post-expansion.

Trade Show Identification:

  • Stand out at trade shows with a professional booth.
  • Attract targeted audiences and potential customers.
  • Receive coaching on engaging conversations and lasting impressions.
  • Learn effective post-show follow-up for measurable ROI.

Business Coaching:

  • Leverage the expertise of Edmiston Group and referral partners.
  • Transform your business with tailored coaching and strategic guidance.
  • Benefit from a vast network for introductions and cross-promotion opportunities.
  • Encourage mutually beneficial business-to-business interactions.

Let the Edmiston Group elevate your business with strategic precision. Contact us today.

Digital Services

Amplify Your Brand Through Digital Marketing Campaigns

Can your customers find you online? Staying ahead in technology demands constant adaptation. Edmiston Group ensures our team stays at the forefront of digital trends, crafting mobile-responsive websites and engaging content for your audience.

Website Services:

Plan and strategize your website’s functionality and design.

Maintain and update as your company evolves.

Empower clients with tools for self-updates.

Digital Newsletters:

  • Reach customers through their inbox with turn-key digital newsletters.
  • Create blog content relevant to your business.
  • Distribute content across various digital channels.

Social Media Management:

  • Set up, maintain, and post on social media platforms.
  • Keep followers engaged in today’s dynamic advertising landscape.

Video Production:

  • Craft compelling videos to tell your company’s story verbally and visually.
  • Utilize text, voice, music, and images for dynamic presentations.
  • Enhance online presence through videos on websites, social media, and newsletters.

Businesses leveraging digital technology exhibit agile adaptation to changing market dynamics, gaining a competitive edge. Let the Edmiston Group maximize your return through impactful digital campaigns. Contact us today.