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Our guest blogger is Mj Callaway, author, speaker, and trainer. She shares her personal story of overcoming adversity and some fundamental tips on how to Bounce-Up™.

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem unshakeable in the face of adversity, while others become immobilized? Though it might look like they’re equipped with an extra something, more than like, they’ve implemented core fundamentals into their lives. When a crisis happens, they’re proactive.

During an interview with Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel [for my book], he said, “It isn’t if adversity will happen, it’s when will it happen.”

The same way we prepare for destructive weather, we need to prepare for adversity because it impacts our personal and professional lives. Having thrived over three crises in 10 years—I know. During the second crisis in 2016, I had a 20 percent chance of surviving if chemo didn’t work and chemo had a 50 percent chance of working. Through the journey, fundamentals [and faith] kept me proactive with my health, maintaining and rebranding my business while leading the National Speakers Association (NSA) Pittsburgh as co-president.

Here are three proactive fundamentals to help you Bounce-Up™.

  1. Flip It™ for Positive Mindset.

During disruptions, verbal drama, aka negative chatter, bounces inside your head like a superball. Unless you shift that negativity, it doesn’t stop. Be proactive by creating two columns on a sheet of paper. Write Verbal Drama for the left column and Flip It™ for the right column. Under Verbal Drama, write the negative chatter. Consider how can you Flip It to a positive message. Write the positive “flip” under the Flip It™ column. Chemo has such a negative connotation so I Flipped It™ to Magic Wand. Radiation became Buzz. The machine size and clicking sound reminds me of Buzz Lightyear. Clients love this exercise because it can be fun. Try it.

  1. Improvise to Spark Momentum.

When life spirals downward, what worked before doesn’t now. Think about our new normal. Focusing on the situation, loss, and the disruption keeps us stuck. To create momentum, I use what I call “Momentum Questions.” “What can I do right now with what I have?” Questions engage our brain to segue into solution-based thinking. As a speaker and trainer, the current situation could’ve destroyed my business when events cancelled. Asking “What can I do right now with what I have?” my mind shifted to improvising. I transitioned to virtual meetings and programs, and I converted a live training workshops into online courses.

  1. Spy an Opportunity.

Do you remember the I Spy books full of objects to find? Sometimes the objects like opportunities are smack in front of you. In sharing a photo with the National NSA president on Facebook, a North Carolina speaker reached out. He mentioned his search for a house in Pittsburgh and his realtor didn’t get his young family’s lifestyle. Hearing an opportunity for a colleague who had little kids, I introduced them. The outcome, his family found the perfect home and moved. For me, I read repeated posts about business owner and colleagues who felt stuck. Those posts prompted an interactive online course, Bounce-Up™: From Stuck to Success and an opportunity to help.

As we journey through out new normal, what messages need a dose of Flip It™? What can you do right now with what you have? How can you spy opportunities? While you can’t control life’s face plants, you can control your Bounce-Up™.

About the Author: Mj Callaway is an award-winning author, resilient speaker, and corporate trainer known for shifting attitudes and converting strategies into results. As a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) and two-time survivor, Mj’s experience includes being the only female sales executive of a national male-dominated company to sell three times her quota. She’s the creator of Revenue Rescue Audit and her eighth book, Bounce-Up™: Outpowering Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higherlaunched April 28th.

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