We all have success in business…happy clients, a successful project or event, but often fail to take the next step to success and ask for a testimonial turning your client into your biggest fan.

Thank the client for their business and tell them how much you enjoyed working with them.  Ask for the testimonial. Here’s how I ask: “Throughout the project you seemed happy working with me. Now that we’re finished, I wanted to be sure you still felt that way. If so, I’d appreciate it if you would put some of those positive comments in a testimonial for me. It would really make a big difference to my business to share your great comments with others who are considering working with me.

Provide “help” if requested. Clients often tell me they want to provide a testimonial but don’t know quite what to say. If this happens, you might offer, “I’ve got some recollection of what you said during the project, would you like me to jot those comments down in an email to you and you can edit or approve them and send back to me. Clients almost always take me up on this and it gives me the opportunity to use comments that I think will have the greatest impact as testimonials.  Make it easy for them.

Drill down for specific referrals and ask. People will often not be able to think of any referrals off the top of their heads. At this point, you should be prepared to “help” them by mentioning specific trade organizations or other groups you know they belong to. For example, “I know you’re active in (local chapter of national trade association), is there an individual in that group who you think would benefit from an introduction to me? This almost always spurs an introduction.

When satisfied customers offer praises of your services; it makes closing the next sale that much easier.

About the author:  Autumn Edmiston is the CEO and owner of the Edmiston Group ~  bringing corporate level marketing management services to businesses and non-profit organizations on a short or long term basis.  The Edmiston Group consistently delivers and implements real-world, proven business marketing ideas and strategies.


Launch ….By Michael Seltzner

Staying abreast of technology and the ever-changing platforms of social media is challenging.  Launch delivers guidance on how to use compelling content to deliver a message that attracts people and opportunities.  Stelzner focuses on the needs of others while providing solutions to create value.  The Elevation Principal is the foundation for this book and it teaches how to gain trust by providing highly desirable content that lacks any obvious marketing message or motive.  Stelzner described how The Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle garnered support from social media experts, held interactive video broadcasts and enlisted high-profile professionals to contribute content.  These articles were published on the site, they gave away weekly how-to-articles and within 12 months they became one of the world’s top two social media blogs.   Being creative in affiliate relationships adds value to the referral partnerships and Stelzner has that mastered.  These concepts can be applied to anyone looking to propel their business to the next level.  I highly recommend Launch.