Website Development Strategy for Small Business

Website-Development-Strategy-for-small-businessStrategy is a key component in the development of a new website. Often business owners will determine they need an updated site or don’t have a website at all. Perhaps new products or product lines have been developed and without the marketing strategy, the website lacks the ability to demonstrate your message and have an effective call to action.

When the Edmiston Group works with a client on a new website, we first determine what the GOAL of the website will be. We ask questions such as “What are your product lines or service offerings? Will you bundle services for a higher price point? How will you utilize social media and third-party testimonials? Why do you do what you do? How does that solve a problem for YOUR customers? Answers to these and many other questions during our initial strategy session will help us design and develop the sitemap and framework for the new website. We ask thought provoking questions that help a business owner determine their unique selling proposition.

Our team recently worked with ATK Design Studios to help them create a new look and tell their story utilizing video and other forms of imagery. Small unique ATK branded design elements were incorporated into the various photos and images and the imagery was locked to help in the prevention of others from copying their photos.

We reviewed website content and assisted in wordsmithing their messaging to provide a better client experience. Linking to their social media sites, particularly YouTube which is owned by Google will also help in their search results.


“We place emphasis on designing each commercial kitchen with its’ own unique identity. The Edmiston Group grasped that immediately. They saw our passion for communicating each project’s story. We wanted something distinct that reflected our brand. Edmiston Group did a fantastic job of bringing our vision to life. Sincerely a great team to work with.” Terri Kidwell, President – ATK Design Studios.

If your website is in need of a makeover or perhaps you’ve recently changed your product offerings and the website doesn’t reflect the new services, email us or call 724-612-0755 to learn more.

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